General Questions

How can I make an appointment?

Phone or email Pat to agree an initial consultation. The first consultation will take 1 – 1 ½  hours. Additional treatments if required are ordinarily scheduled at the end of your first treatment.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Usually, a series of treatments are necessary to resolve a condition. Each case and condition is treated individually. A consultation is required to determine requirements. Treatments are usually 45 to 90 minutes in length with the first consultation usually lasting 1 and a half hours.

Acupunture Questions

What should I wear for my appointment?

Loose comfortable clothing is ideal for Acupuncture treatment but if you haven't had time to change from work clothes etc, just come as you are. Wearing what's most comfortable for you is important but no matter what you wear it won't make a difference in providing you we the very best care. Depending on where treatment is required removal of shoes, socks, trousers or shirts can sometimes be required.

Are Acupuncture treatment costs covered by my Health Insurer?

All our Acupuncture & Massage treatments are recognized by the following Health Insurers.

  • VHI Healthcare
  • Laya Healthcare
  • Aviva Healthcare

Depending on your policy you can claim a percentage of your treatments with us against your out-patient medical expenses. Please ring or contact your Health Insurer to find out the particular details of your policy.

What do the treatments cost?

The first treatment costs €60 as it’s a 1½ hrs long session and thereafter its €40 per visit.

Does Acupuncture Treatment Hurt?

Most patients have stated that there is little or no pain as very fine, sterile, disposable needles are used. Remember that pain sensors are only in the skin. When qi is located there will be a little sensation.

Should I Consult With My Physician Regarding Getting Acupuncture ?

It is advisable to always inform your physician about any treatment that you are seeking and it is also very important to have a list of medications and supplements that you are taking available during your first consultation with your acupuncturist. The acupuncturist does not consider himself as responsible for primary health care and advises working with the physician.