Suffered from serious constant migraine for years, with little relief. I was a sceptic of acupuncture but had immediate relief after just 2 sessions. I was very impressed and delighted.

I suffer from sinus and chronic asthma. Acupuncture gave me great relief in my breathing. It also improved my energy and sense of wellbeing. I realised that the difference of being well as opposed to being not sick.

I had debilitating menstrual cramps every month. After 3 sessions of Acupuncture and the use of Pats Herbal Mixture I have had much relief. I am not living in fear any more.

The use of ear acupuncture and herbal remedies has helped me back on the road again to losing weight. I love the delicious vegan recipes he has provided also.

Thanks to Pat for his acupuncture and more importantly for his holistic approach to my efforts to conceive. Simple advice on nutrition and lifestyle seemed to help a lot.
Aine and baby Ken

Our Fertility Clinic recommended acupuncture to improve our chances of IVF being successful. We both loved that fact that it was such a non-invasive therapy.
Sarah and baby Edward