Maurita Delaney (B. Physio MISCP) Chartered Physiotherapist

Maurita founded her private practice in 2002, Rivercrest Physiotherapy. She holds an undergraduate degree in Physiotherapy from University College Dublin and has spent many years training in additional modalities which take the body out of stress to allow for true healing.  Every day, Maurita sees the power of the body to heal once the root cause of stress is addressed.  Maurita treats patients of all ages who come to her with a variety of issues.

Maurita moved her practice out to its current location in The Wellwood Centre in 2021.  Maurita and her husband Eric have owned the Wellwood Centre since 2020.  Maurita & Eric have three daughters and a dog named Reilly, all of whom may be encountered walking around Wellwood.  

Phelim O’Neill (B. Physio MISCP) Chartered Physiotherapist

Phelim graduated from the University of Ulster in 1994 with a B.Sc in Physiotherapy. He has devoted many years of study to all aspects of human movement and utilises Cranial Sacral Fascial Therapy, Myofascial Release, Osteopathic Techniques and Energy medicine in private practice.

Phelim became intrigued in the holistic/energetic nature of the human body and it’s ease of use with his physical clinical skills, like Maurita, once the root cause of stress is addressed he sees many fantastic results with clients of all ages.

Phelim is a lecturer in Energy Medicine having lectured nationally and internationally.  Phelim works at the Centre on Thursdays & Fridays, please call 0599176970 to arrange an appointment. 

Maurita Delaney, Chartered Physiotherapist & Owner of The Wellwood Centre
Phelim O’Neill, Chartered Physiotherapist – The Wellwood Centre