Fertility Men acupuncture

Fertility acupuncture for men

Fertility problems are as likely to be associated with men as they are women, the HFEA (2008) collected data from IVF patients to find that 32.5% of causes are male factor, and 32.5% are female factor with the remaining 10.8% being multiple male and female factors and 23.1% unexplained which means that no obvious cause can be identified.

Male factor infertility is usually overcome by ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) where individual sperm are injected into eggs to fertilise them. Sperm are selected according to how healthy they look and not how healthy their DNA is. By-passing natural selection ICSI is associated with a higher risk of foetal abnormalities and the long term consequences on the health of children born from it unknown, although male offspring are more likely to be infertile too. Combining acupuncture and herbal medicine over a 8-12 week period can dramatically improve sperm quantity and quality, to within WHO parameters, making ICSI unnecessary and allowing either IVF to be performed or natural pregnancy a greater chance instead.